Daniel Pride

Angular Php Google App Engine
Full Stack Developer


Computer Skills: Angular, Material Design, Angular Ionic, React, RxJs, Slim, Typescript, Php 7 Google App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, Php-MySQL, Firebase, Firestore, Stripe, Bootstrap 4, Git, Node, npm, Html5, Javascript, Ajax, Android SDK, JQuery, Regular Expressions, Subversion, RC4, Native Extensions, Final Cut Pro, Core Java, PhpStorm, Eclipse, Lamp/Mamp, CSS, ColdFusion 8/9, ColdFusion Builder, E4X, Soap, XML, Web Services, Unix Admin VI, Apache Server, MS SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Developer 2000, 4th Dimension, 4D Server, 4D WebServer, AreaList Pro, AppleScript, Adobe Flash Builder, Apache Flex, Adobe Air, ActionScript 3.0, Flash Builder for Mobile, Cairngorm, Mate, LCDS, AMF-Php, Flash Remoting, BlazeDS and numerous others including the original Double Helix
Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, Unix, Android.


Oracle Certified Professional SQL and PL/SQL Jan 25 2000
Oracle Certified Professional PL/SQL Units Feb 07 2000
Oracle Certified Professional Build Forms 1 Mar 01 2001
Oracle Certified Professional Build Forms 2 Mar 12 2001
Oracle Certified Professional Reports Apr 23 2001

Current Websites:

Honest Lotteries
Joseph Pride Executioner of King Charles 1st
Election by verifiably honest random selection
urepu   urepu.org

Experience with source code Links:

Angular 8 Php 7 Slim App Engine Developer w/ Material Design
2016-2019   SolomonsChariot.com

Angular, AppEngine, Firebase, Material Design, Google Maps, Ionic
A front and back end rewrite of SolomonsChariot.com in Angular 8 with Material Design running on a Slim Php 7 front end on Google App Engine. The Application matches riders (or packages) and drivers by GPS point and schedule. You pick up on the way, someone going your way, and get paid. You set your own rates. The service is free. The application works world wide in every language with unlimited volume capability. The application also provides private domains for corporate company based commuter systems.

Angular Php App Engine Developer with Bootstrap
2013-2016   solomonschariot.com

Google App Engine Php MySql Javascript Bootstrap4
A public facing phone and web Google App Engine application running Php-Mysql with an Ajax/Bootstrap4 front end. System functions with multiple urls as well as on subdomains of existing domains for private member only corporate commuter functions (rides.mysite.com) (see Prefs). System (Server Side) is specifically designed for unlimited world wide scalability on Google App Engine with divisible task components, process efficient database schema design, custom written independent print spoolers, etc. System matches Riders and Drivers anywhere in the world using GPS in 128 languages.

Lead Developer Liberty Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance - Dover, NH
November 2013 to May 2014

4th Dimension, Sybase, XML, SOAP
Lead and trained a team of offshore 4d developers implementing new issue procedures for Liberty Life Insurance underwriting software in LUNAR, a 4d front end application communicating with a series of servers and services. LUNAR is an offshoot of the 4d/sybase configuration which I worked on in 2005 for Liberty Insurance Property and Auto in Portsmouth NH. LUNAR is the front end processing, decision making and work flow management system for all Liberty Life insurance underwriting activities.

Intel Corp Real Time Video Encryption Security Design
Intel Corp, Hillsborough Oregon
August 2012 to February 2013

Flex 4.6, Actionscript, RC4, Http Server, Video, Native Extensions, C
Developed an Actionscript video player with effective real time 128 bit secure encryption. The design leveraged a small 128 bit key tied to a validating hardware dongle to control encryption chunk size and order in a 64 bit encrypted videos, providing effective 128 bit security and 64 bit file size. This was to provide a secure video distribution channel for educational video products (initial target was South America). Project passed a technical review for a patent, but the patent was not pursued, possibly due to the social implications of restricted video tutorials in third world countries (my opinion). Project design consisted of two separate applications and included customized video components, an action-script based application integrated custom web server, Custom RC4 based real time encryption and decryption processes interacting with a 128 bit key, and a Native Extension written in C. Most fun I have ever had, my boss explicitly stated he "didn't think it could be done".

Just-in-Time Delivery Software Developer
National Service Center Inc - Greenville, SC
October 2011 to June 2012 Source fxp

Flash Builder 4.5 Mobile for Android, RIM, and IPhone
Developed a Smart Phone Mobile On-Line Bidding, Contract Performance, and Parts tracking system for Printer Repair Service Providers working with National Service Center Inc, Greenville SC. The modular component based mobile application used Flex 4.5 communicating with 4th Dimension server via Web Services to serve Android, RIM and IPhone devices.

Insurance Certification Software Analyst
February 2012 to May 2012

4th Dimension, Coldfusion 9, MS SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery
Software maintenance, updating and Improving a large commercial insurance coverage tracking application written in Coldfusion, MS SQL Server, Javascript and JQuery. The public facing ten year old Application (ins-cert.com) assists in managing the Certification of Insurance coverage for a wide variety of public and privately held companies, among them, the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. The antiquated front end conceals a sophisticated SQL-Server database functionality, apparent only with closer examination.

Tel Gezer Solomonic Excavations Database and UI Designer
Israeli Antiquies Authority, Jerusalem Israel
2007 to 2012   Tel Gezer Database   (Home page > footer "created by Daniel Pride")

Flex 3.0, Actionscript, Php 4, MySql 5.0, XML
Custom designed an extended multi-windowed Adobe Flex 3.0/Php-MySQL Application to manage and track the excavation of the Iron Age Solomonic city of Tel Gezer, Israel for the National Israeli Antiquities Authority and the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My first Flex Project. Software system consists of multiple Adobe Flex/Actionscript front end applications communicating with a common PHP-MySQL-Apache (LAMP) back-end via Web Services utilizing e4x, with a Php-MySQL CSS based reporting system.

On-Line Bidding, and Parts Software Developer
National Service Center Inc - Greenville, SC
July 2011 to December 2011 Source fxp

Flash Builder 4.5, Web Services, 4D
Developed an On-Line Bidding, Contract Performance, and Parts tracking system for Printer Repair Service Providers of the National Service Center, Greenville SC. The modular component based application used Flex 4.5 communicating with a 4D server via Web Services.

Ohio EPA Consultant
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
March 2011 to April 2011

Adobe Flash Builder 4.0, Microsoft .Net, Web Services
Designed an interactive on-line training system based on Adobe Flash Builder, XML and Microsoft .Net including registration, user defined examinations, and scoring and reporting systems as an independent developer for Ventech Solutions Inc for the Ohio Department of Environmental Protection.

National Cash Register Release Team Member
NCR Netkey, East Haven, Cn
August 2010 to December 2010

Adobe Air, Flex 3, XML, Advanced AS Objects, Strict MVC
Release team member for the new NCR NetKey Digital Sign Content Management System. The incredibly advanced, elegantly designed Actionscript/Flex 3 software written in strict MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) by an MIT team manages all aspects of a National Digital Sign network including Digital Signage Graphics creation, Scheduling, Access Rights, and Playlist management.

ESPN Sports Video Feed Programmer
Origin Digital Denver Co
August 2010 to September 2010

Flex 3, Actionscript 3, Cairngorm 2, Adobe Media Server
Short term emergency fix contract to modify the Origin Digital feeds for the ESPN international website to redirect the site from three digital feeds to two. Project was originally written in Flash and Action script 3.0 using a cairngorm framework to provide feeds to Adobe Media Server.

Just In Time Inventory Systems Designer
National Service Center Greenville SC
2010 to 2010

Flash Builder 4, SOAP Web Services, 4th Dimension
Developed a real time Inventory Reconciliation application to update franchise Inventory tracking by National Service Center Warehouses. Application includes a customer log on screen and an inventory counting module which communicate with 4th Dimension server via SOAP Web Services.

Contract Web Development in Adobe Flex
End Zone Technical Concepts

Flash Builder 4, Coldfusion 9, MySql 5
Developed an interactive appointment scheduling system and database using Fashbuilder 4, Coldfusion 9 and MySql 5 for End Zone Technical Concepts. The intereactive system accepts customer input, schedules appointments and interactively manages available dates and scheduling on a customized implementation of the Flash Builder Date Chooser Calender Component

Contract Web Site Development in Adobe Flex
Airport Car Express, Windham Maine
2009 to 2010

Flex 3, Php 4, XML, SEO, Css
Contract Web Site Development in Adobe Flex 3.0 and HTML/CSS for Airport Car Express. Development of Quote request and operations management software in Flex/Php and extended Search Engine Optimization and page rank development to expand the business.

Senior Php MySQL Developer for Heritage
Heritage Web Systems
2008 to 2009 Portfolio

Php 4/5, MySql 5, ZenCart Mods, Wordpress, Css, XML
Senior Php MySQL Developer for Heritage Web Systems handling multiple diverse projects in Php MySQL, Adobe Flex Development, prebuilt package modifications, store setup and installs, Numerous Wordpress Modifications to Customer Specifications, Page Design and a wide variety of web development functions, and installations.

Art Institute of Chicago Software Analyst
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Ill
June 2007 to December 2007

4D 2004, AreaList Pro, QPix
Software Maintenance on the Collection Management software tracking the Art institute Museums collection of objects including the second largest collection of French Impressionist paintings in the world, 400 Picasso's and 50 Monet's. The poorly designed system was written in 4th Dimension database with extensive usage of List, image and Array plugins.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Database Analyst
Liberty Mutual Insurance, Portsmouth NH
May 2005 to December 2005

4D 2004, Area List Pro, XML, SOAP etc.
Contract software programming of the Liberty Mutual insurance sales and application processing software (Direct Response Workbench) for 800 users. Contract consisted of resolution of over 100 problem tickets to adapt the 4D application to changing state insurance regulations and requirements. Contract included extensive 4D SOAP interactions with Licensing, Vehicle Records, Credit, and Rating databases, among many other systems, utilizing 4D as a front end application to a Sybase database and as an XML hub. Contract included Unix script data processing on RS6000 servers and DB2 interactions

Amgen Immunex Certification Software Integration Developer
Amgen Biotech Corporation, Seattle Wa
2003 to 2003

4th Dimension
Rewrite of Immunex Corporations training database tracking system to incorporate data structures required by the merger of Immunex and Amgen Corporation. The 4D database System tracked complex training requirements by product for every employee to ensure regulatory compliance in drug production and provided a web intranet to notify employees of changes in regulatory requirements which required additional training. Employee intra-net records were color coded by compliance levels to provide easy recognition by skill requirement of compliance status in a completely variable (not document) based web server system with 0.25 second response time to queries over the net.

Mayo Clinic Web Consultant
NowData, Burnsville Minnesota
June to Nov 2002

4th Dimension, Web Development
Contract software programming on the Mayo Clinic web site for NowData Corporation of Burnsville Mn. Contract consisted of modifications to web site functions, modifications to ODBC based data exchanges with Mayo SQL databases, and misc minor modifications and corrections to several related Mayo 4D databases

Strong Chemical Corp Analyst/Developer
Arkware Software, Edina Mn

4D 2003, AreaList Pro
Contract software maintenance, software upgrades and new development to correct errors on the Strong Chemical Corp 4D Database for Arkware Software Development Corp of Edina Mn. Contract consisted of the adaptation of a traditional accounting and billing system to meet the specific requirements of Waste stream management, Waste Profile tracking and hazardous waste disposal accounting in compliance with federal guidelines.

Physician Reimbursement Systems 4D Developer
Physicians Reimbursement, Denver Co
2001-02   Sample   Help Files

4D Database, AreaList Pro, Oracle
Custom Development of software application to analyze Medicare Billing Policy documents and extract valid CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and ICD9 (International Category of Diseases) billing pair combinations supplying an Oracle and Cold Fusion based Website, including Cold Fusion Code modifications for system integration. System included an extensive AreaList Pro decision support user interface to assist in categorizing the Code Pairs and a highly developed pattern matching algorithm which resulted in 99.96% extraction of valid Code pairs from HTML and free form text documents from a wide variety of sources and generators. The project established PRS as the standard in the Medical Billing Industry, at the time they were the only company that always had the correct answer instantly.

Anderson Consulting EquityWorks Developer
Relevant Technologies Cambridge, Mass
2000 to 2000

4th Dimension, Sql Server
Authored a comprehensive field level data synchronization application for EquityWorks software. The data synchronization software was extensively tested, approved, and implemented by Anderson Consulting. Anderson used the synchronization system to coordinate the activities of Anderson for all Venture Capitol offices on a worldwide basis. EquityWorks is now the leading management software package for venture capitol and equity management firms.

Software Analyst for Iroquois Pipeline
March 1999 to November 1999

4th Dimension Database, SQL Server
Responsible for software maintenance on the Gas Nominations and Bid management software for the Iroquois Pipeline system supplying New York City from the Trans Canadian Pipeline. The Iroquois software was modified version of the application that ran the Trans Canadian Pipeline, with modifications required by FERC. Also assisted periferally in the ongoing conversion of the system to a Power builder based front end system for a Sybase backend.

US West Yellow Pages Web App Designer
Internet Yellow Pages Inverness, Colorado
1998 to 1999 Patent Pending

4D Webserver and Database Engine
Rewrite of the US West Yellow Pages internet search engine in 4th Dimension as a local server for mobile sales. The system was written in 4th Dimension with the design specification of exact duplication of the US West Yellow Pages Internet site. Development resulted in production capability of 14 Search Engines representing all aspects of US West Yellow Pages in each of the 14 States served.

US West Image Processing Software Developer
US West Internet Yellow Pages Inverness Co
1997 to 1998  US Patent 5,991,770

Applescript, Facespan
Development of server automation systems for the Internet project for all yellow page publications in the 14 western states. System includes automated inventory procedures for 40 high volume servers, targeting and retrieval of 200,000 yellow page display adds, and final processing of ad files from their native graphics production formats to Encapsulated Postscript and finally into a Gif 89 format for internet display. System final product is viewable under the Info Page buttons on the US WEST Yellow Pages Internet Site. US Patent 5,991,770

US West Sales Software Application Database Analyst
US West Sales Support, Denver Colorado
1996 to 1997

4D, AreaList Pro
Debugging and Maintenance of the Yellow Page sales automation software. The software application (WildThing), written in 4D, integrates all functions of the 3400 person sales force including scheduled data exchanges with the mainframe systems, sales ordering, sales presentation assistance etc.

Apple Computer and ExMachina Powertalk Scripts Developer
Apple Computer Infinite Loop 6 Cupertino Ca
1995 to 1995 Powertalk Scripts   Script Goodies

Applescript, FaceSpan, Powertalk
Development of demonstration Applescripts for Powertalk. The project resulted in 14 Applescripts and a FaceSpan application being included on Apple's Powertalk install disks. Two Powertalk Readme documents, and the script headers include authorship credit (by Dan Pride, Los Gatos Ca.). The practice of Readme credit was a rare honor and was discontinued entirely shortly thereafter.

Apple Computer User Interface Designer
Apple Computer, Infinite Loop 6, Cupertino Ca
1994 - 1995

FileMaker, Applescript
Design and Development of a database system used in marketing Operating System 7.5 by the evangelism department of Apple Computer. The system consisted of Filemaker Database with scripted links to Custom Excel Reporting Applications. Also participated peripherally in the original Apple User Interface Guidelines committe.

Independent Commercial Product Development
Helix Express Database
1990-95 Hospitals and Health Magazine

Helix Express, Excel Scripting, Quark Express
Extended development of a multi-user departmental database product for physician referral, managed care and public relations. The product consists of a 23 relation Helix Express database controlling 75 Finder, Quark, and Excel Applescript Applets, which in turn control 16 independent Excel Reporting Applications, a Quark Express print production system and a PowerPoint help system. Development was done in conjunction with Stamford Hospital, John Muir Cancer Research Foundation, and Lakeside Hospital (HCA Corp).

Automated Published Systems Developer
Business Link Communications, NYC NY
1992 - 1993

Helix Express Database, Machine Language, Quark, Postscript
Development of a fully automated multi-Linotronic output management system controlling multiple production systems with integrated accounting, tracking and delivery. The system handled all facets of the business from file receipt to production, graphic services billing, zip based delivery scheduling, and integrated real time accounting and sales management and facilitation. The system established Business Link as the premier service provider to the New York Publish industry with a revolutionary one hour service. Customers included RCA records, Doubleday, as well as Time, Look, and Life Magazines.

Personal Database Designer to Michael Jesselson
Philbro Headquarters, Ave of Americas, NYC NY
1992 - 1992

Designed and wrote software to track the Jesselson's family private collection of rare Books and Religious Manuscripts from the 14th 15th and 16th century. Including one I am sworn not to mention.

Stamford Hospital Payroll Software Designer
Stamford Hospital Stamford Cn

Double Helix Database
Development of Payroll and Budget projection software for Stamford Hospital. The Multi-User database system scheduled 1200 employees in a highly complex rate structure including department, position, and individual factors. The system reduced processing time from 24 hours on an HP 9000 to a real time (instantaneous) basis on a Mac 2ci. The project also exposed 16 non existent employee records, which resulted in a senior personnel change. The individual involved was not fired, but quietly transferred to a Hospital in the Bronx.

Double Day Books Automated Publishing Software
Double Day Books, Garden City NY

Helix Express Database, Quark Express
Designed and Developed a 35 user automated catalog production system for the Double Day Books (a subsidiary of Bertelsmann Marketing Corporation in New York City). The System produced all Catalog publications for the various Doubleday Book clubs, replacing approximately 400 traditional cut and paste Layout specialists at the Garden City facility with a direct to plate integrated system.

RCA Records Automated Publishing Software Design
RCA Records, Times Square, NYC - New York, NY
1989 - 1991

Double Helix, Quark Express, Netware 3.1
Designed and developed a 20 user automated catalog production system for RCA records (a subsidiary of Bertelsmann Marketing Corporation in New York City). The software produced and tracked 27 catalogs (400 items per catalog) every three weeks for the various RCA record clubs, replacing over 200 traditional layout staff, at a savings of 80 million per year to RCA. The system was based on a integration of Helix Express Relational Database and Quark Express style tags. The system was the first automated database publishing system ever written.

Alpha Cartridge Recharging Management Software
Alpha Cartridge Recharging NYC - New York, NY

Double Helix
Developed a Custom Accounting, Customer and Process Management and Marketing software for Alpha Cartridge in NYC.

Real Estate Tenant Analysis Software for Section 8
Pride Realty of Boston, Brookline Mass
1986-1990   Boston Phoenix Article

Helix Express Database, Telex Scripting
Developed a database management and placement software on behalf of Homeless tenants. Reliability of tenet qualifications rating system lead to domination of over 80 percent of Roxbury and Dorchester (slum areas) section 8 certificates contracted in a 4 year period. Systems external data created the Boston Welfare Motel Scandal in which several administrators went to Jail. Boston Herald

Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa.
Theoretical Economics major, Student Body President 72-73, 73-74
North Yarmouth Academy Preparatory, Yarmouth Maine.
Class Valedictorian 1970


Long Distance Swimmer, Weight Lifting
Archaeological Excavation (Solomonic)
Advocate for Justice
Pride Corner History

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